I like devices that do what they're supposed to do. Even if it's only one thing.

Like everyone on this site, I love gadgets and technology. I'm fascinated with the next phone that is better, faster, lighter, with a better battery. I look forward to new operating systems and the improvements and features they bring. But most of all I love devices that have few purposes but execute exactly as intended.

Let me explain. I've had two devices in my life that I have absolutely loved and have had zero complaints about. The first was an iPod video 32GB. I remember clearly the day I bought it in January 2006, open box, from a Circuit City (remember them!). All it did was play my music, but it was with me everywhere. At the time, I was in sales and traveling around quite a bit, either by car or plane. I did my best to wear that device out but it never happened. I can't tell you how many pairs of ear buds I went through. It never failed me, it always did what it was supposed to, and in my mind was a beautiful creation. It stayed with me for 5 years until it was stolen from my car (RIP iPod video)

The second device is my recently acquired Kindle Paperwhite. I've got an iPad like many of us do which can do a million things, including E-reading, but the Kindle is simple and serves one purpose. It doesn't hurt that the design of the Kindle is simplistic and beautiful. I know when I pick up the Kindle, it will reliably work and do exactly what it's intended to do.It serves one purpose and delivers flawlessly every time.

I own an iPhone, an iPad, high end headphones, a fairly decent home theater setup, a great PC, bluetooth speakers, and the list goes on. But to all of them that do multiple things, none of them do everything perfect. They all have a blemish. Maybe that's why I come back to simplicity. Doing one thing well is often better than being a jack of all trades in my book.

So what say you Verge? Any devices you love despite it's limitations?