Much needed Windows 8 feature (help get this feature implemented!)

One feature I really want to see added to Windows 8 is a "Launch in snapped view when responding to notifications" option for the Messaging app. It could be useful for Calendar and Mail as well. I like the UI of the Metro Messaging app but it's really stupid that it only launches to full often are you messaging and doing nothing else. Also, as it stands, it breaks your workflow when you respond to a notification. Instead, they should allow users to toggle the feature on or off and pick a side of the display, so whenever you click on a messaging notification, the chat window opens to that conversation in sidebar snapped view automatically. Thoughts?


So, I used the feedback option in messaging to submit this suggestion. I've also posted it on the windows blog. I implore anyone who thinks this would be a worthwhile improvement to open up Messaging, go to feedback.=>feature suggestion and make your voice heard. I can't imagine this would be a difficult update to push out...maybe if they received a lot of feedback about it we could see it in the next update!