Dual External Monitors - 2012 Macbook Air

Hello Readers,

I am using a 2012 Macbook Air 13" and am curious as to how I would go about connecting this to two (2) external displays. I use a (1) 23" Dell right now, and would probably just add another one of those.

  • I am not looking to mirror either display
  • Running the MBA in clamshell mode is fine
  • I will not drop $2000 on two Apple Thunderbolt Displays (or even $1700, buying 2 refurbished units)
  • I have tried a USB --> DVI adapter (specifically this one) and the lag/poor framerate was annoying
  • I am aware that this exists

I have a feeling that Matrox adapter is going to be my best bet, but this leads to another question - why the hell aren't there any thunderbolt displays made by Asus, Dell, HP, Acer, etc., mainly in the 23-24" size? Getting a couple TB-enabled displays and daisy-chaining them is certainly appealing.

Curious if anyone has set anything like this up on their own. Feel free to chime in.