What is Google+ to You?

People use different social networks for different things.

Some people use Facebook as their sole social network, some use it as a service for simply connecting with people they meet. Some people use Twitter to voice out opinions, but some use it to hear opinions. Some use Path as a smart journal, but some use it as the social network they pour their personal thoughts into. But what is Google+ to you?

We saw from AndyNico's recent post, that to him, Google+ is the "Ultimate Journal", but I know that for others, it's been crowned as the "next Facebook", and even "Twitter+". Some just see it as a social aggregation of their Google service data (like Picasa, news, etc.).

But as Google continues to push the social network (and a new, beautiful update) to all of us, it would be great to see how others use the service. So, The Verge community, what is Google+ to you?