Windows 8: Skype contacts in People app

I've just updated my Mail, Calender and People app in Windows 8 (, but still I'm having the same problem trying to sync my contacts in Skype to my Skype contacts in People.



My contacts in Skype, and my Skype contacts in People, are not in sync. It's still showing my Skype contacts from maybe a year ago and has never changed as far as I could tell. Furthermore, it's never showing my online Skype contacts.

It's been like this even before the update. Did anyone of you manage to sync your contacts?

I think the idea of having only one contact list is great, but merging contacts from Facebook, Skype, Twitter, and your phone is a big, big task, and is a task that Microsoft must execute well.

For now, I won't even bother syncing my other accounts in until they can fix this Skype mayhem.