MS Double-Dipping: Need a Gold account to use SkyDrive on XBox even if a subscriber

Just thought I'd post my frustration at not being able to use SkyDrive (specifically to view my photos) on my Xbox without paying for a gold account even though I am paying for extra SkyDrive space (as part of an Office 365 subscription). MS should cut out this 'double-dipping'. Features like SkyDrive and Skype (when it comes to Xbox) should not need a Gold account, especially for those who are already paying subscriptions for those services. And to head off those arguments about Xbox Live Gold giving you many more advantages... not when you are living in a country where all the TV/Movie content is banned anyway :( OK, there is also multi-player gaming but I don't want to pay to be pwned by a bunch of 12 year olds. Anyway, got that off my chest... and maybe some Microsofties pay an occasional visit to this forum.