Snow Leopard x Mountain Lion - is it clearly over whose bite is stronger?

As a Snow Leopard user (since I started playing with my 13" mid 2010 MBP) I was terrified (as every other OS X user was) by the terrible transition Lion brought and started using Mountain Lion with a lot of caution.

At the beginning, ML seemed ok since it was way better than Lion (I don`t think any other OS could get worse than that...). But it seemed slower - quite slower - than Snow Leopard.

As acquiring other iDevices required more and more a "seamless integration" across all of them, I got to try ML a couple of times, always downgrading back to SL (remember, my MacBook Pro isn`t a fancy Intel core i5 or even a tiny little core i7 beast, it`s a Core2Duo and, at least for me, it wasn`t conceived to deal with fancy background tasks and so I would stick to the good old "Show Leopard" instead of the brand new "Mountain Linen").

However, the freaking ever, I kept trying Mountain Lion over and over (I, as a geek, don`t mind erasing my disc and reinstalling everything from scratch at all). And now it just seems that Apple`s done some serious performance tricks with it`s OS X 10.8 updates, as Mountain Lion seems to be running even better than Snow Leopard: Safari on SL is sluggish when compared to Safari on ML (yeah, Safari really is screaming, as Nilay Patel wrote on his ML review).

As I write this (on Snow Leopard, again), I`m thinking seriously of moving once and for all to the Mountains.

And I`m writing this because I really can`t believe ML is as sleek as it seems to be: the best OS around, no doubt.

Though I`m with those who complain not only about the skeuomorphic design issues: I too am concerned, for instance, about Dashbord`s demise.