Will the N4's camera improve with Android 5.0 KLP?

Google is committed to making Nexus cameras better - I'm referring here to Vic Gundotra's G+ post from a while ago - and this lines up with what Google has been doing, like its acquisition of Nik Software (Snapseed). So I'm the next Nexus may have an "insanely great" camera BUT as I had only recently just got my hands on a Nexus 4, I'm wondering where that would leave the N4 when the N4 receives Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie.

1) Will the N4 take better photos and video?

Nokia released an update which improved the clarity of the Lumia 920's daylight photos as it was criticised as producing soft photos out of the box at launch. Now HTC have done the same with the One. Both of these manufacturers have done so before the next major platform release.

The N4 has a capable 8MP Sony sensor but it is being hamstrung by the current camera software. If Google doesn't follow HTC and Nokia in providing a software update for the camera before KLP - which seems likely as I don't think Google has done so in the past - will the camera software that comes with KLP make the most of the camera hardware in the N4 and improve its photo taking ability? The reason I ask is because I bought an N4 and I don't recall reading anything on the net about the photos shot with the GNex improving after it got JB. Would really like to see better low-light photos from the N4.

2) What new camera features do you think we'll see?

I like the JB camera interface - though it would be nice if the options were arranged around the top two thirds or so of the wheel so they aren't obscured by your finger - but it has some catching up to do in terms of features (aside from the awesome Photo Sphere).

I'd really like to see:

* burst shot mode - put that quad core S4 pro processor to work!

* "cinemagraph" mode like on the Lumia 920 - maybe this might come in the form of an animated gif mode to go with the recent update to G+

* action shot mode like "drama shot" on the Galaxy S4 which composites multiple photos of a moving object against a stationary background