The biggest issue with the Windows 8 Mail app - the removal of one keyboard shortcut

I want to like the Mail app after the latest app update, I really do. I prefer clients generally to websites, and the latest update offers most of the features I like on But they've removed one feature (that I think was there previously), that makes it essentially unusable for me:

You can't press Control + Enter to send an email

I don't know about anyone else, but this is the only way I send emails. I know you can use Alt + S, but it's just not as efficient for me, and I'm used to ctrl + enter. I don't mind the missing drag and drop, the non-existent instant actions and no universal search (though I would really like this last one). But without that keyboard shortcut, it's useless.

I may sound pedantic, but it really bugs me. Is this an issue that affects you? What do you hate about the Mail app, even after the update?