Pairing a Powerful Laptop with a Portable Touchscreen?

I'm an industrial designer, so I need a powerful portable computer with a Wacom digitizer. In my infinite frustration with current tablet PC offerings not offering the right combination of power, screen-size, and Wacom digitizers, I've started to realistically consider taking another tack, one enabled by the recently announced Lenovo Thinkvision 1423p. It's a 1.6lb, $350, 13.3" 1600x900 Wacom/multi-touch IPS portable display.

This is exactly what I want from a detachable slate. The trouble is, no one is interested in making the computer part of it. Right now, you pay a huge premium for tablets over laptops when you consider the specs and you get a tiny screen (<11.6"). The only device offering roughly what I want is the Fujitsu T902 with a full-voltage processor and a 13.3" screen, but it's >$2000 and is a convertible only, whereas I really want the detachable slate form factor.

So my question to you all is, what is the smallest, lightest, cheapest notebook on the market that offers a full-voltage processor and discrete graphics? If it was under 4 lbs and $1000, I could have a blazingly fast dual-monitor, digitizer and touch solution without too much weight or price, and I wouldn't need to worry about someone making exactly what I want (like a digitizer Asus Transformer Book)

Something like a Thinkpad T430s, or a Sony Vaio S13? Both of those are bigger and heavier than I'd like, though. Does anyone know of a good 11-13" solution? What about the Asus UX32VD?