2014 is going to be THE year

I really feel that 2012 was the first year that MS really started getting mobile right.

Windows Phone 8 was a long time coming and the HTC 8X/Nokia 920 are both spot on devices

Windows 8 is the next step in the PC world (although it's obviously not finished) I reckon the version AFTER Blue will be what Win 8 should of been from the start.

Although I think 2014 will be when Microsoft (and OEMs) will hit their stride again and make the market interesting.

Win Phone 10 (assuming 9 comes out this year) ought to be improved enough to properly compete with iOS and Android and have all the major apps.

2014 ARM powered devices powerful enough while being more power efficient to the point where Tablets would become more than a consumer device.

Speaking of Intel, Broadwell/Baytrail should bring 10+ average battery in laptops/hybrids especially if 2014 Windows further improves battery management (14nm, digital wifi radio)

And I think the successor of Jaguar cores will really put AMD on the map and out of the crappy years they've had.