April 12th I say Goodbye to Android.

I've been an Android user for going on 5 years now. I pre-ordered the T-Mobile G1 the moment the webpage went live and even was lucky enough to receive the device a few days before it officially launched (not in my city, since back then Cincinnati was a non 3G city).

I pushed countless people towards Android, even when in the beginning that wasn't so easy, and spread the good news of Android any chance I had. I've owned 15 Android devices since then, including every Nexus device and nearly every Android device T-mobile had to offer.

With all that said, my love affair with Android comes to an end as of April 12th.

I'm leaving not because of what Android lacks but rather because all things that made Android so appealing are now on the iPhone. 2 Years ago I would have said that iOS's lack of a real Gmail experience or maps experience or free turn by turn would keep the platform from my hands.

But even as Android has gotten better and better (the Nexus 4 is amazing), iOS has also gotten much better. All things that kept me android are now on iOS.

iOS and Android have become feature complete and on the same level. With both platforms so equally matched, it all comes down to ecosystem and the other devices you own. I just so happen to use a Mac and iPad and an Apple TV. I just so happen to also believe that iOS has a much better hardware and software 3rd party ecosystem. My car for example has special features just for iPhone whereas my Android phone is included.

So come April 12th, an iOS user I'll user become (and my wife as well).

Anyone else on T-Mobile, trading in their Android phone for the iPhone?