Xperia Z vs HTC one vs Galaxy S4 vs iPhone 5

i want to buy a smartphone, but i am stuck about my decision, if you can share your opinion it would be great. thanks

So the thing is i live in Iraq, and here there is NO Apple stores or Sony, HTC, MOTOROLA, or anyone else except NOKIA

so if i buy i anything there is NO warranty even for 1 day, and if your phone is damaged you through it.

-- Lumia 920 & it has 1 year warranty, But there is NO map/navigation solution available on WP eve Here maps, i bought Lumia 820 for a friend and i liked it alot but NO maps (especially offline) is a deal breaker

-- iPhone is a big NO, because i have an iPod Touch 32GB with damaged digitizer and its collecting dust, because there is NO official apple repair here, i used it for a month. and i owned IOS devices from IOS 1 (which was called Firmware) till IOS 5, and the thing is iPhone 5 costs $800 here so if it damages then i have to sell it for $100, which is a deal breaker

__now here the problem begins, i swetched to Android Galaxy S2 - Galaxy S3 and overall its not bad but i had problems with it too, but i think Android 4.1 or more is now mature enough to compete so help me chose between Xperia Z vs HTC one vs Galaxy S3

1-Xperia Z : its available here and there is a used unit (only used for 1 day) and costs $530, but the thing is i am worried about its front Glass, its NOT gorilla so i watched a drop test and it cracked, so if this hapnes to mine i have to literally though it, since NO one will buy it here and there is NO repair, also i used it in the shop but i felt lag in the animations, and the speakers are NOT that great.

2- HTC one: i have NO idea about how it feels because its 9mm thick and Xperia Z & Galaxy S4 are 7.9 which is alot thicker, and because its HTC it wont be cheap here it will cost alot, i hate thick bezels around the screen and unfortunately HTC one has the thickest bezel, if any one held the device itself can tell me how noticeable is it ?? and battery life as well

3- Galaxy S4: so i owned Galaxy S2 & Galaxy S3 and the latest updates to Galaxy S3 really changed the phone it made it %200 batter and more responsive, and the fact than Galaxy S4 has the Best hardware but the worst case (plastic) i wonder how does it feel in person, also Samsung stores in Iraq will charge you $200 more on anything you buy from Samsung store for warranty (which is NOT a real warranty, and they only fix software related damages, and i know a lot about Android, i was arguing with the employee in the store and he couldn't even tell the deference between 4.1.2 vs 4.0) so if i buy it in other stores i will save $200, but for $700 i rather buy iPhone instead of Galaxy, and since i have history with both IOS and Android i dont see why not, aside from MicroSD

and please dont mention 4G because internet is NOT available in phones and i need my 20 GB Music collection + apps so 16GB phones is NOT acceptable

if you have read it to here thank you, and what do you suggest me to do? wait 2 month for Galaxy S4 and HTC then decide or buy the used Xperia Z, or what ?? again Thank You