Surface RT: The Worst Product I Have Ever Owned

UPDATE (02/04/13): I received my new Touch Cover this morning. It definitely feels better. I also sent off my Surface RT this afternoon (I couldn't send it earlier due to Easter). I'll post another update when I receive my Surface back.

Last October, Microsoft launched the Surface RT to mixed reviews. I was opting towards the iPad mini, but I decided to stick with the Surface RT because the idea of a device that could be both my tablet and laptop (to a certain extent) was very appealing to me.

I bought a Surface RT for myself for Christmas, and when I first turned it on for the first time after set up, it actually Blue Screen'd. My experience with the Surface since this has been less than stellar.

Reset After Reset

Over the life of my Surface, I've had to fully reset my Surface 3 times. One of the times it had to be reset, it was something as trivial as apps no longer downloading from the Store. I've also had to send in my Touch Cover for repair, which is actually at Microsoft right now.

The Current Problem

So, today was the one month anniversary of my Surface working fully again. I woke up, entered my picture password, and it said "Welcome" with the normal spinning circle. All normal so far

After 5 minutes, I started to think that something might be up. With no way for me to turn off the Surface through the software, I held down the power button + volume down combo and it turned off.

I then turned the Surface on using the hold for 10 seconds and repeatedly tap the power button method (my Surface doesn't turn on any other way), and the word Surface lit up. Then I waited. And waited. After 10 minutes, there was still no spinning circle. I then left it for two hours, and when I came back, it was still at exactly the same state.

At this point, I was beginning to get worried. I consulted Twitter, and got a reply from @surface about two hours later, saying that it would be best to send it in for repair.

Wait, what? Are you telling me that after all the problems I had, I now have to send it in? I expressed my dissatisfaction in a reply, asking if it was the only way to do it. I then received a reply asking if I had turned it off and on. By now, I had tried this several times, and I was very angry about receiving a reply requesting something so simple.

The Main Reason I'm Angry

I don't understand how a company can launch such a flawed product, with no way for the user to get into advanced settings, charge a premium price, also bundle in horrible apps like Xbox Music, and then say their product is better than an iPad.

On the surface (pun not intended), the Surface seems like a great product from all the ideas and ads. However, after all the problems I've encountered, I feel as though I should be entitled to a refund for the trouble I've been through. I mean, this is even during exam week, which is going to effect my efficiency. Should I start a petition to get a refund or something?

PS: There are no Microsoft Stores in my country. I'd have to fly 17 hours to get to one.