November 2012 - March 2013 - Unprecedented release cycle vacuum?

Ever since November Apple hasn't released anything of significance (apart from very incremental updates to macbook pro, apple tv, and the release the 128 GB iPad).

The winter is usually a slow product announcement season, at least since Apple decided to ditch the annual macworld expos in January. Last year by March, Apple had announced both Mountain Lion and a new iPad - post Christmas season. Propably something else that I can't remember right now.

I'm not really complaining. Nor am I saying that Apple under Tim Cook has lost its steam. Apple will certainly deliver all the goodies in the forthcoming 7 months. I personally believe Apple is as vibrant and productive as ever.


It seems to me that Apple over the past few years is moving toward a condensed product release schedule, with the aim of optimizing holidays sales. Making sure to always provide fresh products for Christmas - in volume.

I'm sure it helps the sales. But what does it do with the perception of Apple as a stagnant company? An opinion that, I would argue, you hear ever so often in tech-o-sphere nowadays.

However exciting the next Apple event will be, the buzz will wear of in a month or two. Heck, it's the 21 century.

By distributing exciting releases more evenly, I would argue, Apple would continuously be perceived as an regular innovator. While it could hurt the sales in the short run I think it would benefit the company over the long haul. After all Apple's greatest asset is its brand name.

The questions I'd like to put forward is:

1) Is this a correct observation? Or am I nuts, to paraphrase Steve Jobs?

2) If this is correct, should apple rethink the way they go about their release schedule?

So watcha think?