'Official' support for Verge shows in online TV databases


Since its inception The Verge has produced some fantastic video content to contribute to reviews and features. The production values on Verge video content exceeds much of what I see on the Internet and on broadcast TV.

The specific, and equally impressive, fork of content I'm referring to in this post is The Verge's regular chat shows, i.e. On The Verge and Top Shelf.

I watch a lot of different shows (and sometimes movies), and I use a service to scrobble what I watch. It tracks which episode I'm at in a particular show and gives me suggestions of others I might like etc. There are tens of these services on the web and numerous other phone apps which provide a similar function; there are however, a limited number of places from which these services pull their information.

One of the main sources of TV show information is TheTVDB.com. Its database is editable by anyone, and relies on submissions to keep the information up-to-date. It serves a host of information such as episode descriptions and credits, and artwork including fan art, banners and posters.

(E.g. info goes in here and comes out here)

On The Verge exists in this database and I recently added Top Shelf. Whoever has added the info and images for On The Verge hasn't done a bad job, but the stuff I quickly added for Top Shelf is a little under par. If someone from The Verge, with access to the raw materials, or a talented community member were to add media with a level of polish on par with the actual video, it would look pretty fantastic.

Ideally, information on each show is available ahead of time so people know it's coming and when it will 'air'. (I don't know how far in advance you guys plan the shows, but it would be nice if this info was available as early as possible before the episode went out.)

I assume everyone's extremely busy, but is updating the TVDB with official images and info, something that a Verge staffer would want to pick up? (maybe even once, if not regularly)

Yes; this only affects a sub-group, of a sub-group of people; but I know you guys get into some pretty specialist stuff.

My thinking is; if the shows look good on these services, and people are watching them, then perhaps it would persuade others to do the same.

(If you use a service or app to track your TV and Movie watching, leave a comment)

Now; here's a picture of David Pierce. You're welcome.