New Strokes Album, Comedown Machine: Thoughts

Every time a new 'Strokes comes out, its like an event for me.. I know they're so fucking good, I just can't listen to them much. I cringe very time I hear them, and even more when I hear new stuff. But, I know they're good.

Comedown Machine just came out. And, its pretty fucking good. Its just that: it takes me like a month of listening to it constantly to get used to it. Most of the time, its because its always that damn thought: "It doesn't sound the same, like Room On Fire, did." Do any of you guys do this? With this band or any other? Its a 4/5 for me, just like an album I could think of. I dunno. I guess because I don't really have favorites.

Every time a new Strokes album comes out.. I feel older. I like new things, but mostly from the bands I already like.. I've been listening to the new Fall Out Boy single, Light Em' Up, over and over again. They're way more mature now, I think. And I'm okay with liking 'em when others don't. ~ I'll be honest. I never really dug this whole dubstep thing. I miss the old kistchy rock-pop from the early Ots,' and damn good old techno, like Daft Punk. Justice, I could barely get into. Oh, Chemical Brothers..

Xbox Music: The Strokes: Comedown Machine

Anyway. I guess: how do you like the new Strokes album?