High Quality Video Shooting Tools (hardware)

I'm very inspired by the quality of video reviews TheVerge team puts out, and those videos have been the inspiration for my own line of video reviews. I really like the use of a set focus rotating shot, where everything is out of focus until the tech item arrives in view, and you see a crystal clear edge of an iPhone, e-reader, etc.

What I need is better accessories for my Lumix LX5 to make my shots less shaky and to make the sweeping shots smoother. Does anyone have advice for weighted attachments, or even attachments with wheels on them to roll my camera across a table, or to pivot it on one fixed point?

I'm shooting in the dark here (not literally), because I'm just a novice at this point. I'll attach one of my more popular video reviews here so you can see the elements that need refinement, via the use of hardware attachments.

Thanks for your input!