Windows Phone Users: Support the Companies that Support Us!


In case you haven't heard, Gravity Guy 2 is now available in the Windows Phone Store.

The big news is that Miniclip decided to release it on Windows Phone weeks ahead of the iOS or Android version, and I think that deserves a massive "Thank You!" from us WP users.

Now I won't go in to a review here, but I will say that it looks great. The graphics are much nicer than the first game and gameplay is still addictive.

I also feel we need to show devs that support our platform of choice our support in return. So I am urging everyone reading this to download GG2 or at least send out a tweet showing your appreciation.

I have repeatedly read comments disparaging companies who don't develop for WP and/or discontinued support for WP apps and games. If you really meant it when you said: "Who needs them" or "They have lost my business and now I'll use Company XXX instead" then Miniclip deserves your business.

Who knows? With enough support, other companies might start treating us like the "first-class citizens we feel we are.

I know GG2 may not be your thing so shoot Miniclip an "Thanks!" right now or tweet this post to them.

Or take a look at some of their other games in the Store

Thanks again Miniclip!