My android games

Hello Guys,

i am progamming android apps for 2 month. Now i already have 2 apps. I
am progamming android apps because i want to improve my java

My apps are free and there is no advertisement in it. So i dont make
any money with these apps, but that is not important for me. I focus
on learning programming and its great!

If more people would download my apps and give me feedback, i would be
able to improve it. Besides that it would give me more motivation to
make more and even better apps! :)

My first app is called "BONGI" and my second is called "GROBI".

Bongi is a very simple game where you have to push on monkeys and than
they disappear and they resporn on a other place. There are five
monkeys and if one of them gets out of the screen you get minus points
and he will not come back.

Grobi is a bit more advanced. I actually rebuild the the control
sticks that are known from the playstation. One control stick is for
moving arround and the second is for shooting. At the beginning its
not so simple because its a little bit odd, you will have to play
around with it a litte bit.

Unfortunately these apps are currently only in german because i come
from austira. But i will work on an update that will translate those
two apps :)



If you have tips or suggestions for me, you can also write me an email:

Thank you and have fun,


Btw Apleko isnt a real company, its just a fun name :)