EMUya Bringing 'Braid-style' Rewind to Every NES Game

EMUya, the NES emulator for Ouya, will be among the hundreds of launch titles coming out in the next month for the $99 console.

The aim of EMUya is to not only be an optimized Ouya NES emulator but to also be a platform for homebrewers to submit their NES games. The app itself will be free but one of the premium features will be the ability to rewind your gameplay much like the indie game Braid.

Kelley Babin of Oriku, the company behind EMUya discussed this feature in a recent interview:

We will be selling what we call rewind time through an in-app purchase. You ever miss timed a jump on the last level of a game only for it to be your last life and now you have to start from level 1? Well with our rewind technology you can now rewind the game and try the jump again and again and again until you get it right!

Now, even us moderately skilled gamers can beat Battletoads. :-P