U.S. Galaxy S3 users could be left out

Samsung has said that there will be a quad-core requirement for Android 5.0. At this point one could only hope that this requirement is coming from Samsung, and not from Google, to allow rooting and the installation of the soon-to-be announced software update.

The U.S. variant of the Galaxy SIII is dual-core, which means it will not be receiving Android 5.0 the standard way. Hopefully, this is just a Samsung requirement. The SIII isn't the only device, the Galaxy Tab 2 will no longer be receiving updates past Android 4.2.2. The tablet was just released last April.

For all smartphone users without quad core phones, I hope this is just Samsung's rule and not coming from Google. Otherwise the adoption rate of Android 5.0 will be terribly slow in the U.S., as not everyone can just pay $600 for a new phone