It's a seriously impressive thing, winning the same award twice – for the same product. That's what Razer managed over the last two years, hoarding accolades at CES for the Project Fiona in 2012 and again for the Edge in 2013.

Razer's been so lauded because it set out to do something that doesn't seem possible: cram the power of a gaming PC into the body of a tablet. These two have forever been diametrically opposed, and we've taught ourselves that we had to choose between power and portability.

Even as a concept, the Project Fiona looked like a leap in the right direction. Now it's a product — you can buy the Edge starting at $999.99. It is indeed a tablet, and it does indeed have a spec sheet typically reserved for back-breakingly large laptops. It also supports a cool controller accessory, and Razer promises the Edge can be a portable console, home console, and powerful PC all in a single two-pound package. If Razer can pull it off, it may have plenty of awards left to win.

I've been gaming like a maniac for a week now, trying to use the Edge to replace my iPad, my Xbox, and my MacBook. How did it fare? Read on.