Haswell & Temash

Good people of The Verge: I'm thinking of getting a new notebook, but I'm almost certain it's worth waiting for Haswell to release because of it's massive power draw advances over Sandy/Ivy Bridge.

I can't figure out when Intel will release Haswell, though: best guess seems to be June 2013. Are there any Intel events planned between now and Summer that may be used to present Haswell and declare a release date? Or, in the past, has Intel just sent a press release stating when their next-gen chips will be released?

On a completely related front, AMD's Temash chips are also looking very sexy...the GPU is also going to be more powerful than Intel's offering with the same low power draws as Haswell. From what I understand, Temash is due to release soon as well, but I can't figure out when that will be, either.

For once, Google/Bing have both let me down...I can't find any information on the release date for Temash, either.

Drop some knowledge on me below as to whether or not it's worth waiting 2 months for Haswell/Temash (if that's the actual release date), and also when the anticipated release of Temash and Haswell-based machines may be.