MSFT Haters "Bankrupted", Will You Shut up and Flag the Declaration of Defeat

You can't resist the invasion of MSFT Stream (Can the haters tell us how many of MSFT products/services lost its ground and how many of them are gaining?

Shall I believe the haters or figures and facts:

Educators Across the US Adopt Windows 8 to Help Make Students College-Ready and Career-Ready.

New Group of Government and Education Organizations Move to the Cloud With Microsoft Office 365.

State and Local Governments Adopt Microsoft Dynamics CRM to Improve Citizen Service Delivery.

Top Healthcare Organizations Embrace Windows 8 to Advance Patient Care.

Microsoft Solutions Help Fix an Ailing Healthcare System.

Microsoft Reports Record Revenue of $21.5 Billion in Second Quarter.

Bing Brings More of Facebook to Search.

Microsoft Signs exFAT Licensing Agreement With BMW.

U.S. Army, U.S. Air Force and DISA Expand Access to Microsoft Technologies Through Cost-Saving Modernization Agreement.

AT&T Picks Microsoft’s Lync Service for Its Unified Communications Product.

Internet Explorer Continues Growth Past 55% Market Share Thanks to IE9 and IE10, as Chrome Hits 17-Month Low.

Red Cross Offers Office 365 to Its Units Worldwide to Improve Communications.

NYPD and Microsoft Build Hi-Tech Crime Fighting.

Skype Breaks Records, Traffic Grows by 44 Percent.

Xbox 360 Wins Holiday Season in U.S., Marks Two Straight Years Atop Market.

Products/services generating more than $1 billion a year in sales: Windows, Office, Xbox, SQL Server; System Center; Unified Communications; SharePoint; Developer Tools; Dynamics (ERP & CRM); and Online display and search advertising.

Exceuse me for the not including more of the successes and acheivements have recently made by MSFT