"iOS UI haven't changed, it's so boring. WP is fresh and new."

Before I move on I must mention that I'm sort of a MS fanboy,

But when I look at the arguments between iOS and WP, one of the usual statements is that the iOS' interface is getting boring and obsolete because it haven't changed in the past 6 years, while WP's interface is a fresh feel and look.


via allaboutwindowsphone.com

A question, would WP's interface be 'boring' if doesn't change for another 6 years? Maybe, but that's not the point.

I think the problem is not iOS being 'boring and obsolete', it's that its interface has became inferior to WP8's.

The iOS static, rounded icons does not show much information except for what the app is and how many notifications it has, if any. The customisability starts at repositioning these icons and ends at folders. It's almost too simple, but other than that there's not much wrong with it.

The WP8's user interface is cleaner, the icons look more unified, the customisability does not ruin the uniformity of the interface, and most of all the live tiles displays useful information instead of just how many notification there is. The idea of selecting only important apps to appear on the homescreen, and the rest to hide away in a list... is sophisticated simplicity.

That's the advantage of WP8 over iOS. The iOS' interface is INFERIOR, not boring.