Windows Phone isn't outselling iPhone in 7 markets, its outshipping them

IDC only tracks shipments, so claiming that WP is *outselling* the iPhone in seven countries is a complete fabrication and twisting of facts by Microsoft (surprise, surprise). Not to mention, in quite a few of those countries (Argentina, India, Poland, Russia, South Africa, and Ukraine), the iPhone is either not officially sold/marketed, or it costs so much that most people buy iPhones from overseas or the grey market. This explains why Microsoft is able to easily OUTSHIP the iPhone: Apple ships very few (or zero) devices to these countries as most iPhones that are purchased in these countries come from other parts of the world. (For example, just ask anyone who owns an iPhone in India. It was most likely purchased in the USA and brought over)

If we look at statcounter metrics for those countries in question, you'll see that, once again, Microsoft is full of shit.

Argentina -

India - (WP doesn't even register)

Poland - (Once again WP doesn't even register, is grouped as part of "Other")

Russia -

South Africa - (Once again, doesn't register)

Ukraine -

Congrats Microsoft on shipping a ton of devices to these countries that won't be purchased!