Race for the 3rd place : BB vs WP

Blackberry Z10 has managed to ship 1 million units which is, given its limited launch (till March 2nd), pretty good. Looks like the third place in the smartphone race is becoming too close to call.

Nokia really needs to step up its game here. Personally, I think Nokia has got a good line-up with the range from 520 to 920 catering to different price points. Its 620 is doing really well in emerging markets and Im hoping that this will push Nokia to beat its previous quarter sales of 4.4 million Lumias easily. The upcoming launches of 520, 720 and the rumored Verizon 928 should also help Nokia's fortunes in the coming few months.

What do you guys think? Is this race becoming too close to call or does one of them have a clear advantage?