Killing the Desktop (Figuartively)

(Edit: Changed because I can't spell :-) )

Lately I've been wondering how I would redesign Windows 8; specifically how I think Metro as a UI and UX should evolve. Now I've seen quite a view redesigns both here and on sites like Deviant Art and all have been interesting takes. Now for me the goal of Windows 8 and RT is about getting Microsoft into the tablet market, just as Blue is about making it easier for OEMs to create Windows devices at different screen sizes. So for me "fixing" Windows is about making fit on devices that will be touch enabled and/or hybrid systems.

Bringing back the start orb or making a Windows 7.5 won't change the PC market; it'll only appease people who want to use traditional PCs in traditional ways.So the goal isn't about compromising, its about balance. The second thing is about providing features; the things people are most often talking about when they say "innovation". So how exactly would I "kill" the desktop?

Well first I'd create a new API for WinRT or use something like MSR's drawbridge (which allows an app to be put into a container of sorts) that is aimed specifically at Win32 applications. This would allow desktop programs to be recompiled for ARM and Intel SOCs allowing for better performance. This would also allow for making these apps look better a higher resolutions and secure. Any program rewritten for this API will need to be designed to work in the Start Screen and the "new" desktop.Now my idea is that Windows need to add a third view; a kind of designated space for multi-application view in Metro. It could be like WebOS's Cards or like Apple's Mission control.

A multi-app view provides a balanced version of multi-tasking for both touch devices and laptops; it doesn't provide traditional multi-tasking but it does give a user an overview of all running apps and allows multiple apps to be open which is what most people want. Now this new workspace would also have the taskbar so you could pin apps and like Windows Blue gesturing up would take you back to the start screen. Now I am stopping here but I hope you get the gist. Let me know what you think