Frank Shaw's announcement ruffled a lot of feathers

As expected blogs and publications are jumping all over belittling the stats about WP outshipping iPhones in 7 markets. Horace Dediu puts it down to WP simply having more distribution than iPhones and comes up with a gem of an article on "the actual addressable market" that the iPhone has and that its numbers are all the more significant because of its limited distribution w.r.t others. And this fact is harped on by many others too when they say its simply because Apple is not present in those markets. Another dismissal they use is that Nokia is traditionally strong in these markets and hence it is no big deal that they are doing well. Funny how none of these same critics use this argument for the Surface when it launched. Going by its actual limited distribution only in US and UK initially, it notched up close to 1 million units sales which was good when calculated on basis of this limited distribution. One blog had actually done that calculation of sales per store which was impressive for Microsoft. But no, at that time it was all about how barely 1 million Surfaces shipped when Apple shipped 30 million iPads. Did they account for the iPad's extensive distribution in US, Europe and Asia compared to the limited Surface distribution? Nope. Did they consider that Apple was a traditional stronghold in the tablet market in these geographies? Nope. Absolute Surface numbers were low and that was enough for all. I have no issues in admitting that Apple is far ahead in the tablet and phone markets and that Microsoft has a lot of catching up to do. Apple has done a lot of things right and the industry should learn from them. What I DO have a problem with is this inherent bias in the media to discount Microsoft and not have balanced and fair reporting standards.