So the S4 is going to be $250. Thoughts?

In the US, of course. 16GB version.

[edit] I should add that I was told that this is for all carriers, but I have no knowledge if anyone will be running a bundle or promo or discount or whatever at launch. I can say it'll be $250 at AT&T.

[edit 2] Oh, and I got to hands-on with it. DAMN. Seriously nice piece of hardware. Larger than I like for sure, but that screen is amazing. I'm hugely critical of Pentile, but the density masks it completely when I put it right up to my face. TouchWiz is still and abomination, but at least the notification panel doesn't scroll the system toggles. I'll be on that from my Note 2 until the One comes out (or the Sony; I want to play with that too).