Time to add some UX sauce to your business.

No web/mobile business can be called successful without the UX ingredient. Talk about products, apps, enterprise applications, regular prototypes/wireframes, sales, support, customer interactions, feedback, complaints UX is everywhere!

Most of successful companies in the world are thriving with their success by focusing on UX and offering really easy to use and workable solution to their customers. When was the last time you've used an apple phone and found it hanging because of program overload. The resolution mail from Basecamp staff is never boring to read. You'll never struggle with Google to find any information. Buying an Audi doesn't mean buying a car, it's a promise assuring world class product and services.

So the responsibility doesn't end by creating a great product/service but there's more associated to it. Few things which can make a difference while dealing with yous customers and enrich the whole user experience are:

  • Smile: Every customer counts and so does a smile. If you are having a tough time with a customer, surprise him with your smile showing the concern you have related to his problem. It's very easy to get into hard mode and reply him/her in the same way but offering a solution with a smile is a true test of your skills and capabilities.
  • Alertness: Nobody like absent minded people and customers are no different. Make you staff trained about new releases of your products/services and also ask them to groom themselves about the competition you're having. If you can make a great comparison during your customer interaction the customer is yours.
  • Don't be pushy: Customers are not kids (well sometimes they're :) ). If a customer eyes are looking for some help, go and offer it else stay calm and wait for the right time. Being too pushy or sloppy can cause a serious harm to the whole experience. So be firm, be calm and be ready.
  • Timing: Timing of response, service, delivery is very important. If you're late, inform your customer instead of saying sorry because that won't help. Remember promises mean everything; But once they're broken; Sorry means nothing.
  • Try to keep things simple: Nobody loves complexity and that's the reason Mathematics is not very people friendly subject. Delivering a simple and yet effective experience takes alot of effort and it's not easy. It's an art and this article alone is not enough to talk about it, so more will be coming on this in future.
  • Don't be boring: Change is the only constant. Companies not working along this principal are dying. Take an example of Facebook, they're doing well still they keep on changing the ways they want their customer to interact with their application. See what can be good for your business and work around it. Don't fall in love with your working solution because it might have worked for you in present but nobody knows the future so keep trying.
  • Feedback is very important: Successful companies are those who listen to their customers. Blackberry being an example here started with business phones and got successful, but the question is for how long. People are not on mood of business always so it means Blackberry is not the option always. Blackberry noticed this need (quite late though) and come up with their phone BB10. Rest is history.
  • Create a great work atmosphere for your employees: Great ideas come from fresh and happy mind. Don't make your workplace boring and get something off the shelf every now and then to boost your employees moral. In west, people are focusing on this alot and this is something part of the deal during the job offer. Companies its time to go 'Diva'.
  • Each word matters: Be it content, customer interaction, chat, feedback reply, telephonic conversation, meeting, conference calls, please sound 'Human'. Remember we're writing or interacting for people so the more human touch is there the better will be the relationship.
  • Profits are not everything: Customer benefit is the most important bit so learn to say 'No' if you can't deliver. People/customers will appreciate it.
  • Learn everyday: Experience is the second word of user experience so read your customers, love them and learn from your experiences.

That said, this is my first post related to UX and there'll be more coming. Share your comments, thoughts.