I am unimpressed with my device options on AT&T... which one to buy.

I have an Atrix... yeah, i know that is a sad statement. Worse yet, i have been elligible for an upgrade for about a month. The problem is i have been more or less unimpressed by the new devices from Sony, Samsung and HTC. If the ONE had wireless charging, it would be the perfect phone for me (on each one of my previous phones the micro USB port has been the first part of the hardware to wear out). If the Galaxy SIII/SIV didn't feel like a McDonalds happy meal toy, i would pick one of those up. If T-Mobile had decent coverage in my area i would pick up a Nexus 4 from google and use the $30 pre paid plan. lo, none of these options are a reality.

Someone, throw me a pitch to help me pick my next phone.