Has anyone, out-of-the-blue, commented on your Windows Phone?

A few weeks ago I was at my local Audi dealership, waiting to collect my car from a full service. I was sat at the representatives desk, fumbling in my bag, trying to find the key-fob for the courtesy car.

Anyway, whilst I was on the rummage, I had placed my beautiful glossy white 920 (unadorned with a stupid and unnecessary protective case) on the desk. A few moments later the rep, out-of-the-blue said, "Can I ask what phone is that?"

I replied, "It's a Nokia Lumia, a Windows Phone!". I mentioned that I was very impressed with it, or words to that effect.

I also mentioned that at the time, it was a choice between the iphone 5 or the Lumia, and subsequently explained I'd chosen the Lumia because the iphone was getting 'old', and besides, everyone had them!

That last comment was slyly aimed at the dealership's emphasis on Apple products; the previous time, they inexplicably offered me a free, branded iphone 4 protective case! However, it was encouraging to witness an iphone owner admire a non-Apple product, and go out of his way to comment on it.

Anyone else have a similar experience?