Idea for Live Tiles

One very common complaint about Metro/Modern UI is that it lacks detailed controls. Which is true when the control is less than necessary. Metro interface is supposed to consist of a blend of content and control, content being first, and when it makes sense to have it, more control is always welcome. This supposed blend requires a fine balance, and that is why I believe we see so many mock-ups in this forum and many other places.

I am sorry that I do not have any actual visual representation to offer, my shop skills are worse than abysmal, but the idea I thought was too good to not share despite the lack of visual representation. The idea is very simple, jump lists. Yes the very element Microsoft introduces with Windows 7. It should allow the dev to implement common feature/page/command withing the app to be directly accessible from the start screen, which should help users save even more time to do common tasks, a major selling point of Metro UI.

Andrew Rockefeller has kindly provided us with some mockups, which I think are pretty darn magnificent!


And after a bit of modification,


Please read his comments for how he envisions these.

The implementation of the jump list, how it should be invoked, is also similar to Windows task bar. The jump list in Windows can be invoked in two ways, right clicking on the icon on task bar, or upwards dragging on the icon. Now as right click on touch screen(tap and hold) is already used for a different purpose, I think the other method here would be appropriate, drag upward on the tile. This should add meaningful control to the UI without adding an UI element.

Feedback is always welcome.

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