April's Book Club Reading Schedule: 'The Yiddish Policemen's Union'


This month we'll be delving into Michael Chabon's novel The Yiddish Policemen's Union. If you've never read any of Chabon's books, this is a great, though sometimes challenging, place to start. Challenging not in the reading -- the story is engrossing and very readable -- but in the ideas which it presents. Partly inspired by a controversial essay which Chabon wrote about his experience of buying the 1958 language book Say it in Yiddish, the novel imagines another world, where the Jewish people find a homeland of sorts on the (real) island of Sitka in Alaska, and the Yiddish language vibrantly lives on.

This very popular book is not without its critics, and we look forward to discussing the many issues it presents this month. Our reading schedule is below, and definitely check out the original essay (it's printed in the back of many copies of the book), which can be found here.

April 1 - 7: Chapters 1 through 12

April 8 - 14: Chapters 13 through 23

April 15 - 21: Chapters 24 through 35

April 22 - 30: Chapters 35 through 46 (the end)