how do you manage you family photos ?

hi tribe,

in the age where mobile phones replaced the camera, we have so much videos and photos and no real way to preserve it and most importantly archive it in a sensible matter

i began a project to digitiz my family media in general, i first started out in converting all of our old VHS videos to mkv's and created a plex server at my ome server and served them

but now i am having sooo many issues with the pictures, why ? because simple there are too many of them, and they are not limited like the videos where i can maintain alone, i need my family members help to keep adding/maintaining the archive

so i tried premier elements first, until i discovered that tags where written in a format not compatible with other programs that may help with the fact that it has no real private sharing options ( FB and G+ are not private ! )

then i decided to try picasa which was really great, but its lacking in the collaboration field, i cant have anyone helping me because the db is local, and sharing only offered in google albums which as i read had many incidents of being picked up by google search engine

what i am looking for idly is:

face recognition, all sort of tags ( place, date, event...etc), colabration (opening a program form a remote location and working on the same db), easy way to add new photos from mobile's/remote pcs to the central server, and finally sharing via serving the content from my pc

i know these were too picky and no program can have them all

but i was thinking, how are you doing this task ?