DOJ vs Microsoft - the crux of it

Basically Microsoft didn't do anything illegal, but they did abuse their monopoly position to extract extra revenue from the OEMs which is not in the spirit of good market competition. This and many other abusive monopoly practices is why Microsoft has been fined many billions to date and more to come(EU Browser ballot $7 billion fine coming). One might say that bad competitive practices has always been in the Microsoft DNA and they are paying the karmic price for it. After all, buying their way into markets rather then innovating on the cheap has always been their M.O

Remember Apple built the first iPod for $10 million because Steve Jobs hired the right man and gave him 10 months. When has Microsoft ever innovated in the millions instead of billions?

Not trying to flame-bait here, just spark a real debate as to whether Microsoft serves any important role in technology going forward. Everyone in the tech media seems to think that its all about Apple & Google.