HTC One V or Galaxy S III Mini?

Hi, my brother is signing up for a new contract and he is getting a free phone. However, he is happy with his current phone so has offered the free phone to me. I'm not very experienced with phone choosing, but the best ones in the list seem to be:

  • iPhone 3GS (not the best specs, but it's an iPhone, so if I need iOS then it's an option)
  • HTC Desire C
  • Nokia Lumia 610
  • Sony Xperia U
  • Samsung Galaxy III MIni (refurb)
  • Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 (I would have to pay £29.99)
  • HTC One V (this is £29.99 too)

From where I am, the HTC One V and Galaxy Mini seem to be the best options, with the Xperia U also being a potential option, although the design of it does not appeal to me. The Mini has better specs than the V, but would that make a difference in day to day usage? I'm not planning on playing graphically intensive games on it at all really, but since they are pretty much the same cost is it worth getting the extra performance anyway? The main difference in specs seems to be the processor & memory (

The V (in my opinion) seems to have much higher build quality (although I have seen some reports of the aluminium wearing away), as it seems the aluminium will feel much nicer in the hand than the plastic back of the Mini. The lack of Jelly Bean on the V doesn't particularly matter to me as I will likely end up rooting it and finding a Jelly Bean ROM anyway.

A little about me: I'm planning on using this phone on giffgaff, so I will be paying £5 a month for unlimited texts. I don't plan on using any mobile data, although I will probably replace my old iPod Touch with this and therefore browse the internet and watch YouTube videos, read tweets, etc. at home too. Hopefully I can replace my first generation iPod Shuffle with this and use it to listen to podcasts & music on the way to college.

I do plan on visiting the O2 store so I can try both of the phones out, and see if the build quality of the Mini is a problem for me, but I would still be very grateful if anyone can help with my decision. I included the other notable phones in the list in case one of them is clearly the better choice and I simply did not notice. Thanks! :)

EDIT: Full list of phones available on the contract is here, the maximum I would pay is £49.99 but in an ideal world I'd pay either £29.99 or nothing. :)