How Long Have You Been Keeping Your Apple Gear?

One of the things I love about Apple stuff is that they really age well. Unless you abuse them, these things rarely break or require repairs and you'd eventually replace them, only because of Apple envy. I, for one, belong to the camp of not replacing my stuff until I need to. With that note, I'd like to make a survey on how long the Vergeoisie have been keeping their Apple gear.

I still use my old iPod Classic from 2008. My iMac's still awesome from 2009 and until recently, my iPhone 4, from December 2010, and an original iPad from 2012. As for my current iPhone 5, I probably will keep it until my contract expires in two years time. The iPad.. waiting for that mini with retina display this year.

I really admire how well these things age. I don't even intend to put them in the trash when they finally give up on me. How about you guys?