Improving the Play Store

I think Google needs to seriously sort out the Play Store.

I think it would be great to have more in-depth search and filtering options, as well as better systems for highlighting worthwhile apps. Developers often shun Android for the more profitable iOS, and improving the visibility of new and worthwhile apps could be a massive boon for new devs.

In terms of search filters, the one I'd most like to see is one to remove games from the results.

I'm not against gaming, I just would rather exclude them when I'm looking for new and interesting apps that are actually worthwhile and useful. Take a look at any of the 'top' lists on the play store, whether it it's Top Free, Top Paid etc, and count how many are games, and how many are apps. I'm sick of seeing the same parking simulators, 'be a dentist' , build a zoo, play with a pet. Yes, I'm ranting.

People clearly like them, fine. But I just wish I didn't have to wade through them all to find decent apps worth downloading. Make games a completely seperate category, like magazines or films. That way people who want Restaurant Story, Benji Bananas or Sally's Hair Salon can find their next addiction, and I can find apps.

At the moment, I find most new apps via recommendations by Android sites. That's good, but it's not how it should be. Google should be doing more to filter out the trash and highlight the gems if we are ever going to start getting the great apps that iOS gets.

Rant over. I'd like to hear your views, or if you know of any way to filter games out of the Play Store.