Galaxy Upgrade: S4 vs S3 vs S2 vs S.

I've been following this years flagship upgrades (and I do this every year). The S4 is about to come out, but I've honestly been very reluctant for the first time in 3 years. I upgrade my phone every 3 to 5 months. Last year I started with the iPod Touch 4G/Nokia E5 combo, went to the LG Optimus 7/HTC Radar, Lumia 800/ Galaxy Nexus, Blackberry 9900/Galaxy S3. I sold the 9900 right after.

And then I stopped. I sell my phones as soon as I get a new one to play around with, ROM it, test code I write myself, do a couple of projects and then sell it. But for the first time, the S3 felt like a phone I could spend quite a bit of time with. The only problem I felt was with the proprietary MHL adaptor, but I fixed it with All-Share Cast and a Motorola Atrix Lapdock, along with a simple OTG adaptor.

Now comes the bit about the upgrade. I can't seem to think of a good reason to upgrade to any phone in the next 5 to 8 months. I genuinely felt so disappointed when I found that the HTC One did not bring anything amazing to the table (other than the 1080p display). The S3 can still go head to head with these phones (probably lose but still it wont be an unfair fight). And with the original 3000mah battery that I now have, I really find it hard to see the One competing for me. Using the phone with a Lapdock takes its toll on battery life and the bigger battery really does help.

The jump from the Galaxy S to the S2 was massive. It was like night and day in terms of hardware and software as well as the overall experience. The jump from the S2 to the S3 wasn't really visible to people who hadn't used both phones at the same time. It was massive in my opinion. The S3 again was a genuine upgrade. But what will the S4 bring now. What can it do for you to really leave your phone. I think the S3 can last me another year easily if I tried. Ive used the 4.2 leak and it looks surprisingly good. I hope Samsung surprises us all again. If anything it'll be I/O later this year thatll force people to upgrade their phones. Hopefully we'll have people porting the next Touchwiz to our phones soon.

Sorry about the long post. Just my thoughts.