LTE in the UK, what does it mean?

Hey Guys, as some fo you know, the airwaves for LTE have been sold to the phone network a few weeks ago with:

Vodafone on 2 x 10MHz in the 800MHz band, 2 x 20MHz in the 2.6GHz band plus an additional 25 MHz of unpaired spectrum in the 2.6 GHz band.

EE on 2 x 5 MHz of 800 MHz and 2 x 35 MHz of 2.6 GHz.

Three on 2x5MHz of 800 MHz, they also have spectrum at 1800MHz from EE

O2 on 2x10MHz of spectrum at 800MHz*
* it is obliged to provide a mobile broadband indoor coverage service to at least 98 percent of the UK population and at least 95 percent of the population of each of the UK nations by the end of 2017.

BT on 2x15MHz of 2.6 GHz and unpaired spectrum of 1x20MHz of 2.6GHz.**

**BT have said though their spectrum wont be used for a mobile network but for their BT openzone service
my question is to the experts on here, what does it mean? excluding potential prices who has the best allotment

My question is what does this mean to the average user?
What network has the best scope for LTE and the best spectrum to use?
(taking potential price plans out of consideration)