[Kickstarter SCAM] $100,000+ for re-packaged power banks :(

There is currently a project on Kickstarter with 4 days to go and over $110,000 pledged, for a project that claims to build some new "ultra high capacity" power bank prototypes (used to charge mobile phones) and it turns out those are all fakes. As in, those prototypes are actually already on the market and are cheap rip-off versions of Chinese branded power banks being resold on Kickstarter as an original project....

It would be a blight upon humanity if one of the best crowd funding platforms were filled with fake projects instead of original ideas. The project is still live but there is an infographic circulating that pinpoints the BS. Not sure if anyone is one Kickstarter here, or even backing this, but you may want to have a look and possibly report this to Kickstarter to build awareness!

Link to Project on Kickstarter

Link to Infographic


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