Nexus 4 Now Or Wait?

I currently have the Galaxy S3 and it's been good but I cant even go a whole day without charging it yes I've gotten an extra battery, a new phone, I've gotten a whole new ROM, 3 to be exact. Hasn't helped I'm tired of touch-wiz and CM 10 isn't cutting it. No I'm not a power hog I always keep data off unless I need to check something but that's off Bluetooth, and WiFi when I'm not home. I know how to use my phone smartly if i wasn't a nerd I probably would hate this phone as it wouldn't get me anywhere near noon. The most I can get out of this battery is probably 3 1/2 screen time, MAYBE at the most I always plug it in when its at like 40% and that about 2 hours screen time. I am 14 years old and I wake up go to school early and get home around 3:30. I once killed my phone to 10% by the time I got home this defiantly isn't cutting it. So I've decided to go with the pure Android, I've been debating if I should get the Nexus 4 and sell the GS3 or wait and see what Motorola and the rumored X if they are at Google I/O? I can't wait till there fall release, that's to long to put up with this phone. I'm officially a geek I have to have the latest and the greatest. So my question is do you think that Motorola will release a nexus or nexus like phone with outstanding battery at Google I/O? Or are we gonna have to wait until fall to see a new nexus? Thanks for anyone reading all of this and bothering to answer:)