iPhone 4 Stuck At Apple Logo, Failing To Restore

So this is my first post on The Verge forums and I'm sort of needing help from people that know what they're doing.

I am keen on jailbreaking, I've jailbroke every iOS device I've had; nothing fancy, just little tweaks that give an overall boost to the system in my opinion, things like Zephyr or TypeStatus etc etc. Anyway, yesterday I was just cleaning out my installed packages, and as far as I can remember, I queued Auxo, Gridlock and something else minor for removal and confirmed it. The device went through the whole removal process and prompted me to respring. Doing so caused the phone to crash where it will now not boot as when it reaches the Apple Bootlogo, it hangs for a while and just cuts to black and shows the Apple Bootlogo again. So far I've tried various methods of fixing the problem: no joy. Even holding down the Volume Up (+) hardware button on boot (which apparently disables Mobile Substrate) doesn't work. My next problem is slightly more worrying however.

Restoring the iPhone.

When plugged in to iTunes (on a Mac, 10.8.3, iTunes 11.0.2) on the boot logo loop, iTunes recognises the device and allows me to tweak with all the music etc normally. Dropbox even shows a message to say that no new photos are available to sync. When plugged in in Recovery Mode (IE: DFU/ iTunes Cable + Logo) and prompted to restore, I've tried to restore to a separate IPSW of the iOS 6.1.2 file, where iTunes provides the error message 3194 and cancels the restore. I've looked around a bit and found it's to do with verifying the restore with Apple, so far I've tried using TinyUmbrella and physically editing the "hosts" file in /private/etc/. Also no joy.

Currently in the process of downloading iOS 6.1.3, trying to update. My iPhone is off-contract too, and was bought through a third party instead of Apple directly, so no hope of returning it either. While not being the most clued-up person, I know my way around jailbreaking enough to not cause things like this to happen.

Would really like some assistance as parents have a tendency to slaughter me when it comes to bricking expensive things. Thanks in advance.