Hotmail -> Outlook

I just renamed my old hotmail email account to (became available just recently).

Even though there were rumors that it would not require windows phone reset, it did. So I did it. No problem.

But, I now don't know what the ripple effect it. I had only one purchased app, because I was waiting for this very feature, so that my purchases are linked to account.

Problem is, I went to microsoft account settings and billing, changed my email address there. It still shows that one purchase (thumba photo editor), but when I visit that app on my phone's marketplace, it does not show as purchased.

Where do I go from here? How do I know my purchases will go to the desired account? How do I make sure microsoft commerce billing account is linked to the correct email address? I can login to with the new email address, and it does show the correct email under profile, but It's not like ms services are bullet proof.

I also can not add this account to my nexus 7. It either reports username/paword error, or unable to connect to server. Any help is appreciated.