Clover Trail Windows 8 Tablets Are Awesome

I have always been an Apple person but I still rely on a Windows Tablet PC for work purposes. When it broke down I went shopping for a replacement and realised how awesome Clover Trail tablets were.

People seem to compare the iPad with RT tablets which match the iPad in battery, weight, price and dimensions, but lack apps, or with Core i5 tablets which have the advantage of full desktop functionality but being bulkier with lower battery life. I think Clover Trail tablets are the ones that really give the iPad a run for its money. Tablets such as the VivoTab Smart have similar battery life, weight and dimensions to an iPad, and yet offer full desktop functionality (and hence legacy apps), and it's the same price as the 16GB iPad for 64GB (even accounting for OS, it still has more than 30GB).

I am personally impressed with ASUS VivoTab 11.6" which may cost US$1,000, but it's still cheaper than the total cost of a MacBook Air and an iPad. It's more expensive that typical Clover Trail tablets but I like it because it works like a laptop when docked, and it works well as a tablet when disconnected from the keyboard.



Cheaper Clover Trail tablets will probably suffice for most people who primarily just need something to surf the web and check their email, and still have desktop functionality to use Office or some other desktop app that is just not found on iPad/Android tablets.

I think Windows RT is rendered rather redundant with Clover Trail tablets. I think Microsoft needs to kill RT now and fill in that slot with Clover Trail tablets.