Sooooo, here's a thing; I want to learn/develop in C++

Hey guys! Yeah, well, just as the title says, I wish to code in C++. I would like to be "self-taught." Thing is - I don't know where to start. Anybody know any sort of good books, websites, and applications I could use? I guess that's all I am looking for. Yeah.... Oh, and a little advice as well would do nicely (not mandatory :D).

A little background on me and my coding career. I took Visual Basic my senior year. So, yeah, that's about it. It was good until we hit Arrays, that got me stuck. I did try by the way! But eventually I just minimized it and played StarCraft. :P

I was looking to see if Code Academy had it on its list, but unfortunately, no. :(

So, just thought, I'd come to you guys for helpsies. ;D One more thing: I use OS X on daily basis, just in-case that needs to be included.