CyanogenMod 10.1 vs. stock android 4.2.2

Cyanogenmod Vs. 4.2.2


So your nexus 4 finally got its sparkly butt off the warehouse shelf and into your mailbox. You can't wait to try out a few of those new features you've heard so much about. You whip out two fingers and pull down those quick settings. Breath catching at the smooth transitions you poke the wifi button and... you get pushed into the wifi settings menu? Surely this is a mistake! You research and find you can actually long press your wifi into submission. Who has time for that? Cyanogenmod can eliminate this and a few other minor problems. Like anything else there are a few unavoidable trade offs. Hopefully this post can help you determine if leaving the world of stock android is right for you!

Pro (and sometimes con): Nightly builds

Cyanogen mod comes with a built in updater that gives you the option to download each night's new version of the CM software. You get first access to new features and bug fixes... and also new bugs that need to be fixed! Reverting to the old nightly will get rid of the bugs and the more faint of heart always have the stable monthy builds available. If you love the feeling of updating your phone you might want to give the nightly experimental builds a try.

Pro: Advanced Quick Settings

Photosphere not withstanding quick settings is the coolest and most useful feature in android 4.2. Unfortunately it is rather hamstrung in stock android. Cyanogen mod allows you to customize your quicksettings panel with almost thirty different options. I was expecting a lot more out of quick notifications and cyanogenmod provided what stock android simply could not for me.

The Con: Lag(not much)

In the four weeks I ran my nexus 4 on stock android I never experienced any lag. In the month and a half I have been modded I have experienced very occasional, but still existent lag. For many people this is not an issue, I am one of them! However there are those who balk whenever their phone doesn't instantaneously respond.